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And if a fish had wings…

  So, earlier this week, we were having a weird weather day.  It rained, then the sun came out, then we got some sleet and followed up w/ some more sunshine and a lil’ rain shower.  This was all in … Continue reading

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My favorite street

  OK, so it doesn’t actually say "cigars."  Close enough for ex-government work.

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Country or Shopping Mall?

  One of the neat things about Europe is the relative abundance of teeny countries.  I already wrote about one of them: Monaco, a principality on the FR Riviera.  And this weekend, we made our 3rd or 4th excursion – … Continue reading

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Oh No! Not TREES!!!

  Yesterday was a bright and beautiful Sunday here in the Sud-Ouest of FR so we decided to take a drive out to the country.  Specifically, we headed to Armagnac Country.   For those of you who are unaware of … Continue reading

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Cirque des Nuageaux

  Over here in our petite corner of FR, petite circuses are quite common.  The title of this entry, “Cirque des Nuageaux,” is a play on Cirque du Soleil (Sun): “Nuageaux” are “clouds” and we see plenty of ’em during … Continue reading

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C’est Francaise

  Sometimes it is the little things that get your attention.   Par example – as we FR say – some FR expressions:   "Sans" means "without" and "doute" means "doubt." So, of course, "sans doute" means…"probably."  In case you’re … Continue reading

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