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Chick Stuff

  After three days of D-Day tours, M was entitled to the touristic equivalent of chick flick.  So, we went to the home of Quimper Faience, handpainted pottery.  Here’s a lucky, lovely lady:  

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Homer Simpson’s Dream

  The missus and the guys told me I HAD TO blog this story, so here goes.   We’d finished our last D-Day tour, which ended in the town of Carentan.  We strolled thru some of the town and then … Continue reading

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The Chateau

  Our first two nights in Normandy, we had our first stay in a “gite,” the FR version of a farm B&B.  The place was really neat w/ a great breakfast each morning and a night sky that showed billions … Continue reading

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Mont St. Michel

  Normandy and Brittany are rural areas of FR – till we got here, we never realized how sparsely populated much of FR is.  You see lots of cows, lots of a pretty yellow crop called grapeseed (not grapes, there … Continue reading

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  I see that it’s been a while since I last wrote.  Now is the time to make up for lost, er, time.   We – Le Famille Newman – just returned from a one-week vacation in Normandy and Brittany.  … Continue reading

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A phrase not found in any guide book

  "Je voudrais d’huile pour mon trombone."   One afternoon last week the boys and I headed into the big city of Toulouse.  Naturally, because the sun was shining in the morning, it was raining as we arrived in town.  Toulouse, … Continue reading

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