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Fete de Leguevin – June 2007

   This past weekend, saw the occasion of the annual Fete de Leguevin.    What happens is that a traveling carnival comes to town and sets up shop at – you guessed it O’ Faithful Reader – the boulodrome.  There … Continue reading

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Shampoo is VASTLY overrated

  The problem is that he expected me to do the same for him:    

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She’s a Lady

  Oh our lovely Miss Sweet Pea is indeed a lady:    

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Sleek Glistening FR Bodies

  Right here is a photo album w/ the same title as this blog entry.  The first picture says that this is my favorite pic of the album.  The caption has “Il est tres grand!” (He’s so big!)   That is … Continue reading

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Random Musings Part Deux

  Things enter my cranium and sometimes they even stick.  For example…   Dallas: Fellow geezers, i.e., baby boomers, remember where they were when they found out "Who Shot JR."  Now, some 25+ years later: JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, some guy … Continue reading

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Quick! Hurry!

  When it rains – as it did last night – the snails come out of the woodwork or wherever the heck the slimey buggers hang out.   Despite their blazing speed – and a balky camera – I was … Continue reading

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What goes on in their little minds?

  Cats, what goes on inside those teeny heads of theirs?   #1: Our Inbox is full: We have soft chairs, cushy rugs and beds – even just-for-them cat beds.  And yet where does our beloved Doofus – dba "Jackson" … Continue reading

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