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Mon Dieu, J’ai Quarante-Six Ans

  Goodness, last week I somehow reached the previously unattainable: I’m now 46.  I don’t remember each and every day of those years so the way I figure it, I can only be in my late 20s, early 30s tops. … Continue reading

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DC Snow Event vs FR Strike

  Today, October 18, 2007, is my first experience of a large FR strike.  This is a link to the CNN story on the strike:   Frankly, all the breathless talk on the radio this morning reminded me of … Continue reading

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Marche du Chocolat

  If you give a click, you’ll see the Marche du Chocolat photo album.  For 8 years running, the chocolatiers of Toulouse have been holding a festival in October celebrating all that is chocolat (FR spelling).   We went to … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Country

  Just give a click and you’ll see photo albums of “Our 2nd Trip to Larressingle” and “Roman Ruins at Seviac.”  These two places are over in Le Gers, the department/province just west of us.  It takes about 90 minutes to get … Continue reading

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  This past Friday night at the Internat’l School of Toulouse, our "fils aine" (older son), Jim, received two academic awards.  Considering he was dropped into the middle of a two-year program and relocated to a new country, this is … Continue reading

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Lunch w/ Friends at Ste. Christie

  This weekend, M and I went out to the country, to Le Gers, the department just west of Leguevin.  The occasion was a barbecue at the newly-built home of our friend Tony, Monsieur Genoux (it’s an inside joke).  We were … Continue reading

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