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Fine China

  A couple of Chinese notes:   For Make Benefit Glorious Nation…: Tried out the "other" Chinese restaurant this past Saturday night.  Just like in any other CH restaurant, we were given chop sticks.  They were plastic – you had … Continue reading

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Zombies Have More Life

  Like much of FR, Toulouse and its suburbs are pretty quiet on Mondays.  Most of the small business owners like to take off Monday in combination w/ the de rigeur Sunday closure to make their weekend.   This past … Continue reading

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At Least He Asked

  Last week I had a lunch w/ some fellow Americans in Toulouse International Club ( board (not bored) members.  We were checking out a place to see if it was suitable for our annual all members meeting next month. … Continue reading

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

  Lots of signage around our lil’ part of the world.  Examples:   Bill           Not Bored: There are lots of billboards in the area.  There are ones for grocery stores, sometimes featuring pix of ready-to-cook rabbit.  There are ones for … Continue reading

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Road to Rouen Goes Past Anger(s) OR Chateaux of the Loire Valley

  Spent the last few days of the Vacances d’Hiver (Winter School Vacation) touring some of the many, many chateaux of the Loire Valley.  First, it’s a solid 5-1/2 hour schlep on the FR peage system (their toll roads).  Mind you, … Continue reading

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