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The Super Boule

  Yesterday, here in Leguevin, we had the Championnat de la Haute-Garonne for petanque, or boule.  Go figure: they have the championship for our department, the rough equivalent of a state, on a Thursday.  Maybe the organisers knew something about … Continue reading

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Chick City

  So yesterday I’m out on the back deck smoking a cigar and reading "War & Armistice" (it’s nice quite as long as War & Peace but at 1,000 pages it’s getting there).  I hear some noises coming from the other … Continue reading

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Hail Storm Photo Album

  Our local paper, La Depeche du Midi, has photo album of the big hail storm last Thursday night.  Here’s a link to it:  

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Hail Yeah Buddy OR…

The Revenge of the American Meteorological Association of America-Certified Weather Guessers. Yesterday I posted a blog entry containing an item about the volume and size of pollen that we’re having here in Leguevin and its environs.  I poked fun of … Continue reading

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Nature, It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s springtime over here and nature is popping out all over.  To wit: ·         (If) Only (We Were) in America – You know how the TV weather guessers just love it when it hails somewhere?  They get real excited (they … Continue reading

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Random Musings

  Saw and heard some amusing (to my mind anyway) things in and around Lego Land (dba Leguevin) recently.   Pouvoir d’Achat: This is "Power of Buying," or "Purchase Power."  Like so many places these days, FR is experiencing a strong … Continue reading

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