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A-Pickin’ and A-Grinnin’

  Who knew work could be so much fun.    This past weekend we – J, M and I – went to participate in a vendange or “grape harvest.”  We three and another 20 or so fellows members of Americans … Continue reading

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Lions and Tigers and…Mice?

  One of the fun little differences between life in FR and life in the US is the amount and frequency of low budget, traveling entertainment that comes around to the different villes.  I posted pix before of the little circuses … Continue reading

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The Musical Jerry Lewis

  We Americans just love to pick on the FR for their love of Jerry Lewis, a true comic genius in these parts.   Well, near as I can tell, the FR have also deemed a musical talent worthy of … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

  Actually, nothing funny happened, either on the way or whilst at the forum.   The Forum in question is Leguevin’s annual “Forum des Associations.”  This is day when all of the town’s – as well as some of the surrounding … Continue reading

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What’s the Fuss?

  I understand that back in the US there’s been a controversy over teen pregnancy.  Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is saying that parents of pregnant, unwed teenagers are "pinheads" who "obviously have little control of their daughter." See about the two-minute mark … Continue reading

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It Had to Be…

  Having never been in charge of a pool before, it’s been an on-the-job experience.  I’ve now had plenty of experience in skimming and scrubbing and adding chemicals.   However, this past week brought a couple of new challenges.   … Continue reading

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