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A Volvo? You’ve Got to be Kidding

  The Scene: A late December night, around 11:30.  A Volvo.  A Subaru.  The Autoroute (a FR toll road) near Toulouse.   A guy, age 26, is driving his buddy’s Volvo S60.  The buddy is in the passenger seat because … Continue reading

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Let Your Conscience be Your Guide But Elyse Knows More About Toulouse

  Our Anglophone expat club, Americans in Toulouse, is really lucky to have someone like Elyse.  Elyse is an art historian who’s been living in Toulouse for the past 20 or so years.  And what makes her so valuable to … Continue reading

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Trickle Down Economics

  This past Sunday our local paper, LaDepeche, had an article about the main train station in Toulouse: Gare Matabiau.   The article said that the station, which was inaugurated in 1856, is a virtual "city within a city."  Certain numbers … Continue reading

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I Absolutely Love This Song

  A song, "Candy" by an Italian-Scot, Paolo Nutini, with a video filmed in Cuba. YouTube – Paolo Nutini – Candy Video Clip  

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The Kitsch-en Sink

   Not everything that we saw in Vienna had a sense of propriety and taste.  Here are some examples of Viennese kitsch:    Coming out of an arcade from St. Stephansdom to Gutenberg Markt, a sign for a cafe.    You … Continue reading

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Duck Soup

  This past Sunday, we popped the top on the pool.  We’re hoping – seemingly against all reason – that the weather will finally turn nice.  Anyway, after a long – and I do mean "long" – winter of being … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Bern Bears

  We read in yesterday’s International Herald Tribune a story from the AP that the Bern Bear Pit is now closed.  The last remaining bear, Pedro, a 28-yr-old brown bear was euthanised due to incurable arthritis.   We saw Pedro … Continue reading

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