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Maybe It’s a Jerry Lewis Thing

  A couple of weeks ago, I’m up at the Sunday market.  Just me.  M and the guys were in the US with J having just started life at VCU.  The market wasn’t all that crowded, even some of the … Continue reading

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New and…Well, Pretty Much the Same

   The Newmans of Leguevin – the actual people – recently moved.  We are now the Newmans of…Leguevin.   Oui, thanks to our friends and former neighbors, La Famille Pastorelli, we were able to find another house to rent here … Continue reading

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Say “Thanks” and Repeat 8,000 Times

  Sometime this past Sunday, we – Newmans of Leguevin – had our 8000th visitor.  Not bad for a site without any p*rn (with the possible exception of cats in their birthday suits).   Thanks to everyone out there in cyberland … Continue reading

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Those Who Shouldn’t, Do and Vice-Verse

There was a recent story in our local paper, La Depeche, about Speedos and swimming pools in Toulouse. The rules for these swimming pools mandate, for men, the use of Speedos.  Wearing "Bermudas," or "short longs," (as written in English … Continue reading

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So Much for Impulse Buying

So the missus and I were doing some shopping at Conforama, a sort of Ikea kind of place, looking for some shelving units.  We manage to find three units we liked and so we purchased them. The way shopping at … Continue reading

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