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Rest in Peace K-Girl

  Last week, my folks’ 13-and-a-half-year-old Golden Lab, Kelly, died.  Kelly had her own claim to fame on this blog site: her picture on the entry "Why I’m FROM Northern NY," was the most commented upon photo that I’ve posted.  … Continue reading

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The Birds and the Bees…and the Bugs and the Dogs

  Over here in the Grand Sud-Ouest of FR, we’ve been having a drought.  With the exception of a couple of sprinkles that barely covered the sidewalks, we hadn’t had any rain since sometime in July.  But this past weekend, … Continue reading

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Videos From Leguevin’s 700th Birthday Celebration

  By popular demand, I’ve posted some videos from good ol’ Leguevin’s 700th birthday (told you it was old) celebration earlier this month.   Just scroll down and on the left side, under Sky Drive, is a folder called (Leguevin’s 700th Birthday … Continue reading

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Dog is My Co-Pilot

  I see many things on FR roads that are different from driving in the US.    For example, turn signals are different.  Left-turn signals stay on when activated; right-turn signals, esp. for lanes changes, simply don’t work.   Tailgating … Continue reading

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Leguevin’s 700th Birthday Celebration Weekend

  As noted in the entry below, this past weekend, our adopted hometown of Leguevin celebrated its 700th birthday.   The town closed off the streets in centre ville and dedicated the space to recreating four eras of Leguevin: Medieval, Renaissance, … Continue reading

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Can’t Wait to See the Cake

  This weekend, our little adopted hometown of Leguevin celebrates its 700th birthday.  There will costumed people representing Leguevin in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Empire and the Liberation.  Activities will be going on all weekend.  I’ll be up … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Chez Nous

  As mentioned earlier, La Famille Newman recently relocated, albeit to a place pretty close to where we lived before.   Also as mentioned earlier, J has now started his college career at VCU in Richmond, VA.  Figuring that he … Continue reading

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