Stats 101 – Bring It Back Please MSN Spaces

I started this blog about 3 and a half years ago.  The lovely missus suggested it as a means of keeping our friends and family updated on our sojourn here on the Continent.
Little did I think that other folks out there in cyberworld would be interested.  After all, as Betty White mentioned in her SNL monologue, "I thought having to look at people’s vacation photos was punishment."
Still, as of last weekend this humble little site had nearly 10,000 hits since its inception.  (The last number I remember seeing was 9,812.)  Not bad for amateurs.
But now MSN, the folks behind Spaces, the home of this blog, have changed things.
Foolishly – IMHO (as we bloggers write) – MSN has disabled its statistics feature.  Let me explain a bit why I and many other Spaces users are unhappy:
  1. The stats page lets you know if you’ve had visitors.  Without knowing if anyone is bothering to come to your site, why bother putting material on in the first place?
  2. Stats also lets you know where visitors are coming from – i.e., Google, Facebook, blog compilers, and folks who just type in your web address.
  3. You can find out what are the favorite subjects of your visitors.  As I was explaining to the lovely missus last week, the two most common leads to our blog are folks looking for: (a) Diane de Poitiers (as referenced in the blog entry "The Road to Rouen Leads…") and (b) discount grocery store Lidl’s American Foods Week featuring McEnnedy Brand Products (as I’ve written about three times).  By knowing what’s popular, I can write about it more often.

I hope that MSN reinstitutes the stats option or at least offers it as a module option.  Otherwise, seems a stoopid choice to have removed this popular feature.



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The stories of a 'never out of the country until we moved to France' American.
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