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We’ve Moved

Hi Everyone Out There in CyberWorld – We’ve moved.  MSN, in it’s (in)finite wisdom is getting rid of Spaces, its blogging platform and the home of Newmans of Leguevin for these past 3+ years.  On the face of it, there’s … Continue reading

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Adding Another UNESCO Site Without Even Leaving the Couch

  "See, the guide books don’t even list this place and it’s beautiful.  We’ve been here several times and love it"   This is what M said to her sis and bro-in-law back in March when we took them to … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Cars!

  This topic has been on my brain for a while now and it’s finally time that I put it to e-paper.   “Jokes at the Speed of Light”   1)    What is the longest lasting light in France?  It’s … Continue reading

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Airbus Family Day

   This past Sunday, Airbus celebrated its 40th year in business by hosting “Family Day.”  For the occasion, all Airbus employees – of whom M is one – got to bring up to five guests to the normally closed-to-the-public Airbus … Continue reading

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Journees du Patrimoine

  One of the things that I enjoy about being here in FR is the way that people admire and respect their culture and heritage.   To wit: Every September, FR has a weekend devoted to “Journees du Patrimoine,” or … Continue reading

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There Are Two Kinds of People in This World

  You have Republicans and Democrats or Yankees fans and Red Sox fans (what is wrong with them?) or cat people and dog people.  The list goes on and on.   And now you can add another one: Mr. Whippy’s … Continue reading

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It’s A Long Weekend Over Here Too

  It’s Labor Day back in the US, a day where we celebrate by not laboring (except at a grill or by driving hours and hours from the beach).  It marks the unofficial (but really: it is THE official) end … Continue reading

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