Who Grows Up Wanting to do This?

Catching up on the local news this morning and I came across two articles that grabbed my attention.  Both of them are crime stories.

First up, “It was a dark and stormy night.”  Actually, no, it wasn’t.  There was a clear night sky and a full moon.  And that’s important to the story.  You see, turns out that last Friday night someone took a mechanical grape picker into a vineyard.  Alas, the vineyard wasn’t his/hers/theirs.  So with a full moon lighting the way – after all, you can’t have a couple of headlights shining out in the middle of a field ’round midnight – the thieves went to work.  By the owner’s estimate, the thieves got 30 metric tons – that’s 66 THOUSAND pounds – of cabernet sauvignon grapes.  The cops came and took prints or casts of tire tracks in the field.  But as of today, no luck yet in catching the perpetrators purple-handed.

The second story concerns pools.  No, people aren’t stealing pools; the inground ones would be especially difficult to make off with.  Instead, according to the paper, in the past month or two, thieves in the area have made off with about a dozen robotic vacuum cleaners for pools.  These cleaners go for anywhere from 300 to 1000 euros, or about $400-1400.  There must be an underground (underwater?) market for these things.


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