The Days of Wine and Hoses

The fourth Thursday in November?  Easy.  That’s Thanksgiving in the US.

The third Thursday in November?  A little more difficult.  That’s the release date for the Beaujolais Nouveau wines.  It’s also the date when the Gaillac regions, just north of Toulouse, releases its Gaillac Primeur.

But the third Thursday in October?  That’s a tricky one.  Unless you read my entry from October 16 last year, “FINALLY Something Fresh.”  That entry was about the Sortie Primeur, the white wine version of Beaujolais Nouveau that comes from Gascogne, just west of Toulouse.

So yesterday, being the third Thursday in October, saw the release of the Sortie Primeur.  Naturally, I went to LeClerc, the hypermarche, and picked up a couple (OK, three) bottles from Florenbelle.  Should be good with tonight’s dinner of porc grilladin.

An in other news – honestly, it’s the only news these days – there are beaucoup de manifs, or a lot of strikes and demonstrations going on over here.  The issue – at least in theory – is the government’s proposal to raise, gradually, the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62.  Quelle horreur!  This past week, instead of getting smaller, the manifs got larger than they were earlier.  Officials say that the reason for this is the increased presence of students in the manifs.  I thought it was interesting that students, those who have 40+ years before they can retire, were out in the streets demonstrating their solidarity with the workers.

But the presence of the students led to my favorite quote (not like there’s a lot to choose from) during all these strikes.  It was, I think, a union official who said, “Students are like toothpaste: Once they’re out (in the manifs), they’re real hard to get back in (school).”

Meanwhile, the strikes go on, especially at oil and gas refineries.  Accordingly, if you can find a gas station that still has fuel, you wait for an indeterminate amount of time and then you can buy your 30 litres (around 7-8 gallons for my US readers).

Vive la Revolution!  Now keep everything the same!


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