Every Dog Has Its Day

And so do many saints.

Over here, every day is known as a particular saint’s day.  Many of the calendars that we buy as fundraisers – from the garbagemen, the postal folks, kids sports teams, etc. – will have the saint’s name written on each day.

The local paper does this listing as well.  In addition, it’ll have a saying for that particular day – sort of like what the Farmers Almanac does.  For example, today, Thanksgiving, is the best day to:

  • Plant belowground crops
  • Graft or pollinate
  • Can, pickle, or make sauerkraut.

I enjoy reading the sayings in the paper.  Here are a few samples along with an attempt at the translation:

  • November 18, Sainte Aude’s Day: Journee de Sainte Aude, habituellement, n’est pas bien chaude – St. Aude’s Day is usually not hot.  Not too much wisdom there.
  • November 19, Saint Tanguy’s Day: A la Saint Tanguy, le temps est toujours gris – At St. Tanguy, the weather is always gray.  Since November is the starting point for the five-month long Toulouse rainy season, that’s not a real shocker.
  • November 24, Sainte Flora’s Day: Petite gelee de novembre, grand bien a attendre – Early frost in November, there’s much good to expect.  Now that’s more like it.
  • November 25, Sainte Catheirne’s Day: St. Catherine au ciel fait la moue, alors longtemps dans la boue – If St. Catherine in heaven pouts, then there will be a long time in the mud.  And since we’re having rain today – so what else is new? – I assume we’re gonna be knee-deep in mud till springtime.

I’ll keep an eye out for the more pithy sayings and add them as they occur.


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