I Was Such an Imp

But I got better.

Way back when, my family had a camp on Lake Bonaparte, which is indeed named after a Bonaparte, not Napoleon, but his brother Joseph.  We would go there most every weekend and we would invite friends and family to stay with us.

Once upon a time, when I was in college, we were up at the camp and a couple who we were friends with were visiting us.  The lady in question was blind.

I came up from the water, entered the camp and went to the front porch area where a certain parent – the female one -of mine and the other lady were sitting and talking.  I had on a t-shirt that I had had for a while and it had a bunch of holes in it.  I guess my mom hadn’t seen this shirt for some time.  She asked me, “What happened to that shirt?”  She said to her friend, “You should see it.  It’s got holes all over it.”

I said, “You’ve heard of acid rain right?  Well, in Oswego (note: where I was going to college), the acid rain is really bad.  I got caught outside during a bad storm and when I later did the laundry, this is how it looked when it came out.”

“Really?” both ladies asked.  “Yup.  All those factories down there just make it horrible for the skies.”

A few minutes later my dad popped up.  My mom said, “Rocky, did you see what the acid rain did to your son’s shirt?”  “The what?” said my dad.  “You are so gullible,” he said, “It wasn’t any acid rain.  It’s just an old shirt.  Geez.”

By then I was laughing my fool head off.  My mom then yelled several unprintable words at me.

I had forgot about that story for quite a while but then I read a blog entry from my hometown TV station’s weatherman.  The first question was about, well, go ahead and read it.  I sent the link to my mom and asked her if that story brought back any memories.  In the words of the Queen, “We were not amused.”  Here was her response: Yes I read it. Smarty. You’ll never forget that will You??????

It’s probably a good thing that I’m on the other side of the Pond.

PS: If you see her, ask her how the fish were biting that summer.


About skinsphins

The stories of a 'never out of the country until we moved to France' American.
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3 Responses to I Was Such an Imp

  1. Jack Adie says:

    Excellent, but at the start it should be written as ‘almost every weekend’ not ‘most every weekend’.


    The Grammar Nazis lol 😛 xxx

    Sorry about that, it was really bugging me and David told me to drop it so i waited untill i had finished reading it then comandered his laptop…. ooops 😛



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