Another Day, Another Saint, Another Bit of Wisdom

In my November 25 post, Every Dog Has Its Day, I wrote about how the local paper, La Depeche, tells its readers the saint from whom each day is named and it also gives a bit of wisdom specific to each day.  I received some positive feedabck on that entry so, in keepeing with the thought of “give the people what they want,” here are three more recent examples:

  • November 26, Sainte Delphine’s Day: À la Sainte Delphine, mets ton manteau à pèlerine – On St. Delphine’s Day, put on your coat with a cape.  Sounds like good advice from your mom.
  • November 27, Saint Severin’s Day: À Saint Severin, chauffe tes reins – On St. Severin’s Day, heat your loins.  Note: “reins” also means “kidneys,” but the translations I found told me to heat my loins.  When in France…
  • November 28, Saint Jacques de la M. – La neige de Saint Jacques, c’est aujourd’hui ou bien à Paques – Snow for St. Jacques, it’s today or at Easter.  We had snow the day before.  Does that count?

Not much wisdom over these past three days.  On the other hand, Farmer’s Almanac says that today is the best day for planting belowground crops and – pay attention – to have dental care.


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