Samatan and the Living is Easy

This past Sunday, the lovely missus and I took a ride out into the country.  After 45 minutes, we reached our destination: Samatan, the Home of Foie Gras.

The occasion was the annual Le Foie Gras Dans Son Palais festival.

For those who don’t know, foie gras is basically the liver of a fattened goose, although sometimes that of a duck is used.  Personally, it’s not my thing but my lovely missus loves the stuff.

In addition to several foie gras vendors, there were also some chocolatiers and some vineyards offering tasting.  For M, these constitute the three main food groups.  She was a happy camper.

We ended up buying a few things, even some foie gras from a Gold Medal winner at 2010 Paris Agricultural Show.  We also purchased some cassoulet and some honey and some flavored sugars.

The owner of the prize-winning La Ferme d'Empluhaut.

To see photos from the festival click on this link.


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