Bastille Day Fireworks in Leguevin

So that it doesn’t compete with the big city (Toulouse) when it comes to fireworks, our humble little town of Leguevin hosts its fireworks display on July 13, the day before Bastille Day. For various reasons, we missed the show the first two or three we’ve been here, but we made it to last year’s show and this year’s one as well.


D, along with some of his Leguevin Duckies teammates, was working that night as a volunteer for the community dinner. Alas, because of earlier showers and the contining risk of further showers, the dinner wasn’t outdoors at the site, but was instead moved a couple of klicks away to an indoor spot. And so D didn’t see the show.

For quite a while, I didn’t think many other were going to see the show either. Honestly, my fellow Leguevinoises are as bad as Lakers fans: they arrived just before the show started. I kid you not, when we arrived – maybe 20 minutes before showtime – there were maybe 500 people. But when the first ‘splosion occured, it looked as if every Leguevinoise was there; it was standing room only.

And quite a show they got; our little town puts on as nice (and loud) a show as any we witnessed in the NoVA suburbs. The show was choreographed and they even had stationary fireworks ablaze over the lake (it’s really just a large pond). And the finale was jampacked with cordite and more:

Aah...the finale.

Click here to see some more of the pyrotechnics.



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