May Day! It’s the Sun! What Do We Do?!

May 1 – May Day – and the lovely missus has the day off. For the first time in three weeks, the sun is shining.

Road trip!

I had read an article in the paper, LaDepeche, about how two towns – Rieux-Volvestre and St. Elix le Chateau – had teamed together in an effort to boost tourism. From the website for Rieux, it looked like a charming place with a promontory of the town surrounded by a bend in the Arize River. And from the autoroute you can see the chateau for which the town of St. Elix la Chateau is named.

To top it off, with the clear skies, you got a beautiful look at the Pyrenees as you headed south from Toulouse.

The rapeseed is in bloom and mountains are still snow-covered.

Our first stop was Rieux. There was quaint covered market in the middle of town and then we headed to the steeple of Cathedral Ste. Marie. The tourist office was right across the street from the church. Naturally, being May Day, a holiday when people would be out and about, both the church and the tourist office were closed. Sigh.

Cathederale Ste. Marie: Closed on holidays.

Still, we walked around a bit and got to see a pretty village – lots of half-timbered houses:

Ain't it quaint?

And interesting street signs:

First time I've seen a leprosy hospital in FR since we moved here.

And the river was pretty (except for the sign showing the high water mark from a flood in 1875 that must’ve wiped out a fair portion of the town). The only people we saw were backpackers and tourists like us.

Then we popped over St. Elix. The main draw – as far we could tell, the only draw – in town is the chateau.


Final note: M’s car key battery has been weak of late. She read in the owner’s manual that the battery is supposed to be self-charging – that is, whilst it’s in the ignition, it’s supposed to be charging. After our one-hour there and one-hour trip back, the key still doesn’t work.

As usual, click here to see more pix of the town and countryside.


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