Towers of Toulouse

For the first time in more than a year, circumstances allowed me to take another fabulous tour with Elyse.

Elyse leading her group.

The theme for this tour was Towers and Turrets. Who knew, but at one point, there were hundreds of such towers in town:

But fires and poor economic conditions and urban ‘renewal’ greatly reduced the number. Today, Toulouse still has nearly 50 such towers dotting the skyline – you just have to know where to look sometimes.

Turret and tower of Hotel Bernuy.

Elyse brought us to former cloisters (which in turn became former factory sites):

The former cloister has abandoned shirt and bonnet factories, but also law offices and a dance studio.

And to the teeny courtyard outside of the entrance to a discount clothing store:

Because the tower isn’t on the street, the owners aren’t obligated to clean it up.

And the courtyard outside of a shoe repair place featured a cool wooden staircase and gallery:

Reminded me of an MC Escher drawing.

As did the courtyard of a building under renovation:

These galleries reminded me somewhat of the riyads we saw in Morocco.

Plenty of hidden gems and then some of Toulouse’s more well-known towers, such as the Serta Tower:

One of Toulouse’s more popular sights.

And the Hotel Assezat:

And one of Toulouse’s grander sights.

Which also has really funky columns outside of a one door:

The columns reminded me of soft-serve ice cream.

As usual, to see more photos, click on the link.



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