Prague, Amsterdam, Paris…Toulouse?

That was the itinerary that brought the newlyweds to Chez Newman a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, Toulouse-Leguevin was the highlight of their European honeymoon.

They arrived from Paris via the train around 6 pm. We then took a quick look at the Jacobins church, home to the bones of St. Thomas Aquinas. After I grossed them out with the story of how his relics came to be there, we went to Pont Neuf to meet with tour guide extraordinaire, Elyse, of Toulouse Guided Walks.

Megan and James with Pont Neuf behind them.

Elyse led us on a sunset stroll along the Garonne:

The ‘Bazacle’ section of the Garonne as seen before the current drought reduced it to a trickle.

Then we were off to dinner at L’Entrecote, probably our favorite resto in Toulouse (and, IMHO, the only place in the area serving a decent steak, which is good because is the only item on the menu). On the way back to the car, we stopped at the new gelato place in Place de Capitole: Amorino. At 10 pm, there was a long line out the door. It was worth it:

Looking (intentionally) a little goofy.

The next day, we took off out west to visit the famed Armagnac country of the Gers. Our first stop was Chateau Cassaigne, a beautiful place about an hour west of LegoLand.

Ain’t they just the cutest couple?

In addition to visiting the old chateau and getting some samples – not just of Armagnac, but also some red and wines – they also have a deer park:

Ain’t they just the cutest couple? Of fawns that is.

Then we were off to visit the ruins of an ancient Roman villa in Seviac. We lucked out when we discovered a field of late-blooming sunflowers at the edge of the property:

A little past their prime – look who’s talking – but still beautiful.

The ruins date from the 3rd or 4th century and the highlight of the visit is the number of extremely well-preserved mosaic floors:

I don’t imagine that our current house’s tiles will be like this in 1,700 years.

On the way back home we stopped and picked up some magret de canard (duck breast). I grilled them (the duck breasts, not Megan and James) and served them (Megan and James, not the ducks) some red wine that M had saved for a special occasion.

It rained a little bit when I was grilling but that OK because it led to this:

Ooh. Aah.

Late that night, we took them down to the train station. Their short visit with us was done. They were taking the midnight train to…Florence.

As usual, to see more photos, click on the link:!6047


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