A Four-Hour French Lesson With Great Food

I wrote last year about our neighborhood’s first annual block party. With school back in session, people back to work, and summer vacation done, it was time for the second edition.

This year, there was a bonus: Jean-Marc, our across-the-street neighbor from our first house brought his jazz band, Just Pepper Jazz, to play:

I said to them, “Vous devez travailler pour votre dîner?” – “You have to work for your meal?” That’s Jean-Marc on bass.

Just like last year, the weather was perfect. There were also some new neighbors who we got to meet for the first time.

Most of the ‘quartier’ made it to the party.

Most of our neighbors only speak French, so we – D, the lovely missus and I – got the opportunity to practice our FR for the balance of the evening. Even I, the poorest in terms of FR speaking abilities, was complimented on how well I spoke. “Vous etes tres gentil” – “You’re very kind” – I said.

Plenty of bread, wine and ‘convivialite.’

A son of our current across-the-street neighbors brought some fait maison – homemade – sausage – enough for everyone. The poor guy even went back and forth from a grill to a plancha cooking it up.

Father, son and grandson. The son was the sausage chef for the evening.

Everyone brought dessert to share. I made Dixies, which are basically blond brownies, from a recipe of the lovely missus’ mom.

Cakes, pies, tarts and more were shared.

Often when I say that we’re Americans who live here, a FR person will ask me if I like FR. And when I’m in the US and say that we now live in FR, people ask me how I like it. I always say the same thing: If we didn’t like it here, we wouldn’t still be here.

And it’s neighbors like ours and events like this that make me say that.


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The stories of a 'never out of the country until we moved to France' American.
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