Give the People What They Want: American Week at Lidl

Today is the last day of the latest round of ‘American Week’ at Lidl, my favorite discount grocer in FR.

Month after month, year after year, the number 2 search topic for finding this little blog is someone typing a variation of ‘American Week Lidl’ into a search engine. (Number 1 is ‘Newmans of Leguevin.’) Folks from around the globe are apparently curious about the goodies from the motherland available at Lidl. And I would have to say that’s with good reason. Because at least here in FR, the ‘American’ section in the ‘Ethnic Foods’ aisle pretty much consists of peanut butter, Marshmallow Fluff, and – maybe – brownie mix.

So when Lidl does in not-so-infrequent American weeks, expat Americans come in throngs (a Soviet-era Czech Republic car).

Here are some of the Vegas-themed ad pages for this latest edition chock full of McEnnedy brand, um, treats:


The mini hot dog buns are new this time around. And this is the only time of the year when I’ve seen sour cream available. And bagels as an ‘American’ food? OK, I guess I can see that.


The ‘Texas Meatballs’ are new. But after the horsemeat-for-beef scandal, I’m not gonna risk it.


Californian wines in FR? Who’d a-thunk it? And I can’t believe people (other than my two sons) would ever eat hotdogs from a jar? (Based on the size of the dogs, you’d couldn’t use the mini buns from the prior page.) I did buy some of the dried cranberries this time. Alas, the pre-baked potatoes with sour cream were nowhere in sight.


I’m sure the ‘Neo’ cookies (which I bought) are only coincidentally similar to Oreo cookies. As for the pancakes, they’re miniature (maybe you could put ’em on the tiny hot dog buns) and in the refrigerated section. And I’m supremely disappointed that, yet again, the faux Ben and Jerry’s ice cream wasn’t available at our store.

Bon ap! And let the Google searchers keep on comin’!


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2 Responses to Give the People What They Want: American Week at Lidl

  1. Galloise says:

    Love Lidl! We have Aldi here and I love that too! A woman in the queue for the checkout told me yesterday that she had managed to go on holiday with the money she had saved last year by shopping at Aldi! Also it was voted best supermarket of the year in Oz! Telling huh?

    • skinsphins says:

      And I read where Lidl was voted best ‘discount grocer’ in FR, beating – I’m assuming – Aldi and Leader Price. And I meant it when I said they’re my favorite (discount) grocery store. And during our travels throughout Europe, I always get a kick when I see a Lidl whether in England, SP, IT and where have you. Now if only I could save enough to take a vacation.

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