Lidl and Halloween

Wow. It’s been almost two months since I last posted. That’s what having two jobs will do one’s free time. But it’s a long weekend here in FR: today is Toussaint (All Saint’s Day). So, hopefully, over the next couple of days I can get caught up on the blog, including a visit to our 60th UNESCO World Heritage site.

But first, in hono(u)r of Halloween yesterday, a few pages from the weekly circular for our favo(u)rite discount grocery store: Lidl.

Lidl Halloween 1

OK, the pumpkin soup I get. But Halloween salami?  And ‘fricadelles’? They appear to be mini-meatballs. What their tie-in is to Halloween escapes me.

Lidl Halloween2

I thought the Halloween tater-tots were cool as were the muffins. And the chocolate balls come complete with a doll (peluche).

Lidl Halloween3

Why is kettle corn offered as a Halloween treat? Because it has a spooky bucket.

Lidl Halloween4

My fave is the bag of ‘Trolli Dracula,’ which appear to be wax vampire teeth.

Lidl Halloween5

If you’re going out, you gotta be disguised (although two teenage girls who showed up last night didn’t – they just carried plastic shopping bags). Personally, I like how everything is ‘Happy,’ not ‘Joyeux’ Halloween.

Finally, as with virtually every advertised food product, there’s a posting: Pour votre sante, evitez trop gras – For your health, avoid too much fat. Good to know at Halloween.

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