An American in Panto: Redux – The Conclusion. Honest.

Earlier this week, I posted what I thought was going to be the last Panto story for 2014.

Sigh. It was brought to my attention that I missed a couple of things:

  • “And I Play an American in Real Life, Too.” After the first weekend’s performances, a couple of castmates told me that friends came up to them and said, “I love how Prince John (note: my role) spoke with an American accent. It just made him sound even dumber – imagine, an American being a posh prince.” And a couple of times after the show, when the cast went to the lobby to greet the audience, people came up and said they liked my performance, so I said ‘Thank you and thanks for coming to the show.” “Hey,” they said, “you speak with an American accent off-stage, too.” “Pretty much all the time,” I replied.
  • “You Must Be So Proud. And I Must Be, Too.” If you’ve seen the prior stories, you’ve seen some of the costumes – and the blond wig – I got to wear. As I mentioned, after each performance, the cast went to the lobby to greet the audience. At each performance, I saw at least one person that I know – the guys’ school teachers, a woman I worked with doing an English-as-a-second language course for FR engineers, women I took FR lessons with, people from the Leguevin market, and even a couple of professional colleagues. Some took pix with me. But…there were also a fair number of M’s colleagues who attended a show and they came up to M and said how they enjoyed the show and liked my performance. When she told me about this, I said, “You must be so proud.”
  • “You Like Me. You Really, Really Like Me.” Last year, I won a coveted Golden Globe Award. OK, it was a circular piece of yellow paper with the words, “Best Dance Effort.” As I said at the time, it was for ‘effort,’ not for ability.
'I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible.'

‘I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible.’

So imagine my surprise when this year I won a coveted Silver Globe Award. Honest. See:

'Robin Awards 2014 SPS'

‘Robin Awards 2014 SPS’

  • “And the Award for…” I was actually nominated in two categories. The first one was for people who screwed up their dialogue, but still got where they were supposed to go. As I said in the prior Panto story, I missed one line of dialogue in seven performances. However, I had one line where my inner Sean Connery came out. I was supposed to say, “Actually, I got the idea from my old friend, Sir Shakin’ of Stevens.” But…more that half of the time, I said, “Actually, I got the idea from my old friend, Sure Shakin’ of Stevens.” (I probably even said ‘Shtevens.’) Anyhoo, my award-winning performance came in the category, “Best Use of Accessories.” If you’ve seen the prior stories, you already know what the props were. Here’s a group photo of my award-winning accessories:
My heart was in the right place two outta three times.

My heart was in the right place two outta three times.

  • “The Lovely Missus is on Fire.” At one performance, M brought along a colleague from the US (“You must be so proud.”). Looking at my costume(s), M said to her friend, “He went from a village person last year to the Village People this year.” The second time she went to the show, she brought along a friend and the friend’s two daughters. Looking at my then-non-awarded accessory, she said, “You know, they’re gonna have to change the name of those things to ‘Todd pieces.'” “I’ll be here all week – don’t forget to tip your waitresses.”

The last thing – I swear – is this: We cast members received an email last week telling us that the costume return date is next Sunday. But, for the first time ever, they were offering to sell the costumes if the actor wanted to buy them. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.


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