Th-th-that’s (Nearly) All Folks

Hello. It’s been a while (3+ months) since the last entry. There’s a reason for that: we moved…back to the US.

Our 8-1/2 year stay in France started out in 2006 as a 3-year gig, but it kept being extended as one of our sons asked us to stay a little longer so he could finish high school and then as the lovely missus received a local contract (i.e., working on a French contract, not as a ‘seconded’ US employee working in FR).

But as I told anyone who asked, “We wouldn’t still be here if we didn’t like it.”

Sure, we had our misadventures and our complaints, but who doesn’t, regardless of where they live?

Still, I guess we knew that we would always – at some point – return to the US. But because we enjoyed ourselves where we were, we never put a plan in action to go back. It was always more a case of, “Well, when we need to go back, we will.”

Then, the lovely missus received a promotion that meant we would be returning to the US – specifically, to Miami. (Note: Out with the French language, in with the Spanish.) Administrative details took time to clear up and whilst we thought initially that we would be returning in the summer, we didn’t actually leave until December. (Note Deux: The weather in Miami in December – and January – is a lot better than it is in Toulouse…and many other places.)

Before closing up, I’ll have a couple of more wrap-up entries on Henry IV’s chateau (or what’s left of it) and memories shared by family members who visited. And then I’ll try to provide a grand round-up and look back on our stay.

For now, I’ll end with this tidbit: There’s a survey you can take on Facebook asking how many of the American states one has visited. Without taking the survey, I made a list in my head of the states I had visited. When I was done, I thought, “OK, well I wonder how many countries I’ve visited.”  Again, running the numbers in my head, it came to a tie: 26 states, 26 countries.

Not bad considering that before moving to France, I had never visited another country (besides Canada, which was only 30 miles/50 km from my hometown).


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The stories of a 'never out of the country until we moved to France' American.
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