San Sebastian, Spain

Recently, in a futile effort to escape from what was an extended rainy spell in Toulouse, we headed to San Sebastian, a foody city on the Atlantic coast of Spain.

I say ‘futile’ because the closer we got to the city, the harder it rained. Still, it was nice to get away and have some, indeed, wonderful food. And with Bilbao only an hour away, we went to visit the Guggenheim Museum.


Like I said, a futile attempt to escape the rain. At least on the first day.


A pretty clock complete with barometer, which was, of course, reading low pressure.


Putting a bright smile on a dreary day.


Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Probably looking for drier climes too.


Town hall…at night (for you Sponge Bob fans).


Be it ever so humble, this is what we called home for the weekend: the Hotel Londres, grand dame of the beach.


A pretty nightscape featuring a park, town hall and Jesus on a hill.


Low tide at night.


Low tide during the morning.


The camera has a great zoom.


Based on our start, who’d a-thunk I’d need shades?

Note: We learned from a restaurateur that San Sebastian has 200 days with rain per year. I really need to do better research.


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