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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Took a trip back to the states recently and saw some interesting signs: 1) Coming out of a Best Buy there was a car dealership w/ this banner: "Pre-owned used vehicles." These cars are obviously not pre-owned new cars nor … Continue reading

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Agent Zero

  So there we are in Dante’s 7th Circle of Hell, dba Charles de Gaulle Airport, and we’re hurrying to meet our flight back to the Mother Country.  We make it to boarding line and I look up at the folks … Continue reading

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Join the Army and Learn…

  To drive.   Sure, you sign up for the military and learn discipline and how to perform in combat and so much more.  But apparently in FR, you can join the Army and also learn how to drive.   … Continue reading

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The Irony is So…Well, Ironic

  A couple of weeks back, the lovely missus and I went to go see Bob Dylan ( in concert.  He was playing in an arena in Toulouse called the Zenith.   Baby boomers that we are, we’d still never … Continue reading

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Medal(s) of Honneur

  Last weekend featured the end of the annual Fete de Leguevin, a four-day event held at the town boulodrome (the boulers were in serious w/drawal).  Last year at this time, I posted pix of what the Fete looks like … Continue reading

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Sonic He Ain’t

  Faithful readers know that we’ve had multiple sightings of Sahny D, as in Sonic D. Hedgehog at Chez Newman.   And in a complete non sequiter of a segue, today the boys and I went out trimming and cleaning … Continue reading

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Barcelona Waits for You

  So belle-soeur (sis-in-law) VA and niece (niece) Rachel paid us a visit recently.  We had been having such lousy weather (see the June 13 entry) that M told them to pack a sweater.  They were on a cruise of … Continue reading

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