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Does That Include Floor Mats?

  My car, a 1999 Audi A4 Avant break, or station wagon, had been slow starting up on the cold mornings we’ve been having in the last week.  So I decided to go get the battery replaced.  I started at a … Continue reading

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FINALLY Something Fresh

  This week, I’ve been noticing a billboard in town advertising the sortie primeur, or early distribution for a white wine.  As alluded to, this wine is the new stuff, from the grapes so recently harvested, and was available yesterday, … Continue reading

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Have I Got an Investment Opportunity for You!

The Dow is struggling to get back over 10,000.  Gold is at an all-time high so how much of a profit margin could you get?  And real estate is still dicey.   And yet 2009 is going to be a … Continue reading

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Not Sure the Builders Had THIS in Mind

  Flipping through TV channels during a rainy yesterday morning and I see a promo for something later that night: Metallica in concert.  The pub (FR for "ad") says the concert was filmed at the arena in Nimes.   Faithful … Continue reading

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Say What?

  I’ve heard the following quip attributed to Oscar Wilde and to George Bernard Shaw: “Americans and the English are two cultures separated by a common language.”  And I’d have to say the cousins in the bunch would be the … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son

  Our little J has done growed up.  Sure, he’s at college and all but the real sign of his growed-up-ness is that he has a blog.  It’s titled "Blog of a Poor College Student."   Glad to see he … Continue reading

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È il mio zio

  Once upon a time, I wrote an entry, "Il est mon oncle and other randomicity."  The first mini-story in that entry concerned how I had to spell my last name for the French whenever they asked for it.  Always, … Continue reading

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