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Bookends or Books End?

  Somewhere, in a jumbled up mess of photos, maybe in an album or maybe in a shoe box, there exist pictures of J’s first day of school.  Lord only knows exactly where they are.  But the photos exist and … Continue reading

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We Got Culture Out the Ying-Yang

  Faithful readers know that we Leguevinois receive beaucoup de circuses and the occasional "Souris Parc" as well.   These past few days, La Famille Newman has been wondering where to spend our entertainment euros:     You see, the … Continue reading

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M Puts on a Peep(s) Show

  For those of you who send M her Peeps every Easter, just look at what you’re enabling:   Chillin’ with her Peeps indeed.

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Chicks, Bunnies, Beer and a Cat?

  Thanks to fine FR chocolatiers and to care packages from family in the US, Easter was one big – perhaps even ginormous – sugar buzz.  Granted, I’m not a fan of chocolate (quel horreur!), so I was "stuck" with … Continue reading

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“Attack” of the 7-Foot Peeps

  The lovely missus and I are at the mall on the Saturday before Easter.  The mall is decorated for the occasion with balloons all over the place and they have clowns giving train rides and I-don’t-know-what-you-call-it-but-maybe-a-caterpillar ride as well … Continue reading

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Re What?

  J’s former FR teacher from his (J’s) one year at O’Connell High School, told J that 90% of all English words with at least three syllables are really just badly pronounced FR words.  Makes sense to me.   Still, … Continue reading

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Alpha Inventions: And The Hits Just Keep on Coming

  So there we are minding our business, when I notice that the number of hits to our blog starts to go through the relatively-short roof that our blog has.  Generally, we’d get a couple dozen hits a week from … Continue reading

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