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Samatan and the Living is Easy

This past Sunday, the lovely missus and I took a ride out into the country.  After 45 minutes, we reached our destination: Samatan, the Home of Foie Gras. The occasion was the annual Le Foie Gras Dans Son Palais festival. … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Saint, Another Bit of Wisdom

In my November 25 post, Every Dog Has Its Day, I wrote about how the local paper, La Depeche, tells its readers the saint from whom each day is named and it also gives a bit of wisdom specific to … Continue reading

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I Was Such an Imp

But I got better. Way back when, my family had a camp on Lake Bonaparte, which is indeed named after a Bonaparte, not Napoleon, but his brother Joseph.  We would go there most every weekend and we would invite friends and … Continue reading

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Every Dog Has Its Day

And so do many saints. Over here, every day is known as a particular saint’s day.  Many of the calendars that we buy as fundraisers – from the garbagemen, the postal folks, kids sports teams, etc. – will have the … Continue reading

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St. Pierre des Cuisines AND Hopital de la Grave

As I’ve mentioned in several previous entries, we’re members of an expat club called Americans in Toulouse.  Despite its name, Americans constitute a minority of the membership – around 35% if I remember right.  The club organizes activities for its … Continue reading

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French Whimsy at the Mall

I love going to the mall here during Christmas time.  Last year, the mall featured displays with polar bears, teddy bears and penguins.  This year, the emphasis is on teddy bears and candy.  Lots and lots of candy…and cakes and … Continue reading

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Finally, Something Fresh

Over here, November marks the start of wine festival season.  Sure, I know the lovely missus and I went to a wine festival in Bordeaux earlier this year, but now is when cities all over FR host big, ol’ gatherings … Continue reading

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