It’s American Week at…Picard

If it works for one supermarket chain, why shouldn’t work for another?

I speak, of course, about American Week. That blessed occasion when all things American – and things that aren’t American but the French think should be – are on promotion.

This time, the store is Picard. I can’t recall a store like this in the US. They specialize in frozen foods – as in that’s pretty much all they sell. I’ve been in a couple of stores for ice cream and bagels (not at the same time) but I really can’t say I’m familiar with them.

Still…American Week is American Week. Let’s look at the goodies on offer.

Picard 1

The cover shot. I like how they do a literal translation of ‘Rainbow Cake’ into ‘Gateau arc-en-ciel’. But ‘Hello America’? What the heck does that mean?

Picard 2

Bagels and beer. What’s not to love? Note: The wording at the top is “My American Dream to Me!”

Picard 3

Nacho cheese balls and New York style hotdogs. Dinner is served!

Picard 4

Tex-Mex Pizza – No translation necessary.

Picard 5

As much as I love pulled pork, I’m disappointed in myself for not buying any. But I can live without the microwave fries and cheese sauce.

Picard 6

I like how they keep cupcakes, topped pretzel palooza and cookies & cream cheesecake, but they don’t say ‘unicorn’ instead of ‘licorne’.

And finally, we have:

Picard 7

Limited edition donuts plus granola cookies (ugh!) and caramel toffee popcorn.

Bon apetit y’all!


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The stories of a 'never out of the country until we moved to France' American.
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3 Responses to It’s American Week at…Picard

  1. Mike Round says:

    If you visit the Pibrac Carrefour near the N124, and check the world foods aisle, then the 1m length that is ‘english’, and you will find about 25% of the food is american, especially Hershey brand.

  2. Join Us in France Travel Podcast Producer says:

    They need to hire a better food photographer and THEN I might try it 🙂

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